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The curated network, by invitation, operates on a sponsorship
model facilitated by corporate, philanthropists, and impact
investor memberships.

In this model, Affiliated and Full memberships play a pivotal
role by sponsoring invitations for public sector leaders, tech
leaders, startup founders, scientists, indigenous leaders, and
visionaries specializing in AI, AGI, Robotics, IoT, Cybersecurity,
Blockchain, AR, VR, Metaverse and Web3.

This strategic approach ensures the formation of a diverse and
influential network, promoting collaboration across sectors and
facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise in cutting-edge
technologies. Ultimately, this dynamic network actively drives
positive change within Earth05's mission.

For more information on participating in our programs,

initiatives and becoming a member,

please contact us at


unleashing collective potential

Become a Volunteer with Earth05 

We are in search of dedicated individuals eager to make a significant impact. By volunteering with Earth05, you gain the extraordinary chance to leverage your skills in projects that further environmental progress. Become a crucial part of our journey towards sustainability.

Experience Our Events: Engage, Learn, and Connect

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainability by attending Earth05 monthly webinars, events and programs. From workshops to rountables, our events are designed to inspire and educate, creating a community of advocates for planetary health.

Amplify Our Voice: Be an Advocate for Change

Support our cause by spreading the word! Utilize your social media platforms to broadcast our vision of a flourishing, unrestricted world. Your voice is a powerful tool in amplifying our message, garnering support, and igniting a worldwide movement. Together, we can initiate dialogues that transform into tangible change

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