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Dec 7, 2023 - Jul 11, 2024

Earth05 Co-Creation Prize

  • 218Days
  • 12Steps


The Earth05 Co-Creation Prize is a global quest for forward-thinking innovators passionate about solving water, food, energy, and AI-related challenges. We seek to identify and support innovative solutions that address these issues and contribute to building a sustainable future. Our judging criteria prioritize is based on Impact Potential (40%), Innovation and Co-Creation (40%), Scalability and Team (20%). The quest is open to all types of innovators, including students, researchers, scientists, startups, and anyone with a passion for co-creating a thriving future. We believe in the power of co-creation and technology synergies in solving global challenges. Selected innovators will be invited to an online workshop to validate their potential collaborations, emphasizing co-creation potential and technology synergies. Innovators must have a working prototype or product and have generated initial traction in the market. For more information and to apply for the Earth05 Innovation Prize, please visit our website.


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