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Earth05 Co-Creation Prize

Applications now open and close July 21

The Earth05 Prize pioneers open innovation and co-creation in the Age of AI, dedicated to accelerating progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on addressing water conservation, water offsetting, and microplastic pollution. With only 1.2% of Earth's freshwater accessible out of 2.5 to 3% available, our quest centers on co-creating solutions to safeguard ecosystems and unlock inaccessible water resources. Through cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation by leveraging AI with purpose and cutting-edge technologies, we harness global intelligence. Our unique approach enables finalists to test innovations in a digital twin within the metaverse before real-world implementation, allowing for the refinement and validation of solutions in a controlled environment that mirrors real-world complexities.


3 Main Categories:

🏅500M Lives | 🏅2050 Net Zero | 🏅NextGen 

1-     500M Lives Prize: Aimed at solutions that have the potential to impact half a billion lives through improved water access and quality.

2-     2050 Net Zero Prize: Focuses on innovations that contribute to achieving net-zero water waste by 2050, promoting sustainability and environmental balance.

3-     Next Gen (Water Offsetting) Prize: Honors the fusion of advanced technologies and community efforts to transform water conservation. This prize acknowledges innovative water offsetting solutions that offer sustainable alternatives to conventional freshwater cooling systems, advancing the field of water management.

Water Accelerator for Scientists & Entrepreneurs

Sep 2, 2024 - Feb 5, 2025

The Water Conservation in the Age of AI initiative, in partnership with Earth05, invites innovators, entrepreneurs, Ph.D. candidates, and research scientists in water, ocean, and AI fields to a dynamic program designed to boost innovation and collaboration. Offering workshops, mentorship, and networking with industry leaders, the program aims to enhance skills in water technology, governance, and management, aligning with SDGs 6, 9 & 14.

Applicants should submit an online application with their project details, a recommendation letter, and a personal statement. Our program fosters diverse collaborations, connecting projects with major corporations and promoting ESG principles. Join us to shape the future of water conservation with AI and make a sustainable impact by 2030.

You’ve been added to the waiting list.  Well notify you once the applications go live!

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