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Episode 1: Water Conservation in the Age of AI | Season 1 Opening
Episode 1: Water Conservation in the Age of AI | Season 1 Opening

Thu, 02 Nov



Episode 1: Water Conservation in the Age of AI | Season 1 Opening

In Episode 1 of Series 1, we'll delve into AI's potential in water conservation, attracting investments, sustainability in environmental efforts, global water optimization, and successful initiatives tackling water scarcity. We'll also explore the science connecting structured water to AI.

Registration for "Water Conservation in the Age of AI - Series #1, Episode #1" is now closed.
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Time & Location

02 Nov 2023, 15:30 – 16:30 CET


About the Event

Online Event Theme: "Water Conservation in the Age of AI - Series 1, Episode 1" 

Date: Thursday, 2nd of November, 2023 Time: 15:30 (CET) / 09:30 AM (EST)

Location: Online

Moderator: Phillip Thomas Muhr -

Panelists: Colin Herron -, Rich Thorsten -, Marie-Christine Tschofen - Quantum Physics   

About the Series:  In a world where technological advancements are reshaping and transforming every facet of our lives, Earth05 is thrilled to announce our unwavering focus for the years 2023 and 2024 on the theme of Water & Artificial Intelligence (AI). A thought-provoking series of bi-monthly events, dedicated to exploring the critical theme of 'Water Conservation in the Age of AI.' As we delve into this captivating subject, our aim is to shed light on the intersection of water conservation and artificial intelligence, with a vision to illuminate the path toward a sustainable future for our one blue planet, Earth.

Event Overview:  Join us as we embark on an inspiring journey at the official launch of "Water Conservation in the Age of AI - Series #1," presented by Earth05 and Partners. In a world where the responsible stewardship of our Earth's most precious resource, water, is paramount, this event series is a pioneering exploration of the confluence of water conservation and artificial intelligence (AI) within the dynamic landscape of technology and sustainability.  Our inaugural session, scheduled for Thursday, November 2nd, 2023, at 15:30 CET (09:30 AM NYC Time), sets the stage for a captivating exploration.  

Join us for an enlightening event on "Water, Sanitation, and Conservation Strategies" with industry leaders Colin Herron from GWP and Rich Thorsten from We'll explore water scarcity's impact on data centers, the role of data analytics in responsible water resource management, delve into the quantum nature of water, and discover the science behind structured water's connection to AI and human well-being. Facilitated by Phillip Thomas Muhr, co-founder of Earth05, we're paving the way to a sustainable future where water conservation and AI thrive together. Stay tuned for speaker updates and registration details!For inquiries, reach out to us at


Colin Herron: Senior Water Resources Management Specialist at, with over 20 years of experience in water-related roles, including work with international organizations like The Nature Conservancy, the World Water Council, and the World Bank.

Rich Thorsten: Chief Insights Officer at, overseeing impact strategy and partnerships. With 25+ years in the field, he holds master's and doctorate degrees in planning with a focus on water and sanitation finance.

Marie-Christine Tschofen: link An experienced healer with expertise in various healing modalities, including crystal healing, mental healing, sound therapy, and more.


Phillip Thomas Muhr: Board & Founding Member at, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, formerly COO of Hallstein Artesian Water, bringing a unique blend of business and hospitality expertise to the growth of an exclusive water brand.

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