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Sep 2, 2024 - Feb 4, 2025

Water Accelerator for PhD & Research Scientists

  • 156Days
  • 2Steps


Earth05 Foundation's Water Accelerator is a comprehensive and innovative week-long program that empowers PhD and research scientist water students worldwide with the skills, resources, and mentorship needed to accelerate their research projects in collaboration with peers and industry experts. Led by experienced water professionals, the program emphasizes innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration. Participants will engage in interactive workshops, hands-on training, mentorship sessions, and collaborative project work to deepen their understanding of the latest water technologies, policies, management, and funding strategies. The program also offers visits to water treatment and distribution facilities, and opportunities to network with industry leaders and peers. As part of the program, participants gain access to experienced mentors and industry experts, cutting-edge research and industry practices, and opportunities to collaborate with peers and potential collaborators. Eligible applicants should be PhD and research scientist water students worldwide who are pursuing research projects related to water. To apply, they should submit an online application that includes their research project description, a letter of recommendation from their academic supervisor, and a personal statement outlining their motivation for joining the program. Join us in co-creating a sustainable future for all.


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